Multimed is a comprehensive set of medical plans designed specifically for people living and working in Africa and surrounding islands.

Every Multimed plan provides members with benefits of up to USD 1 000 000 per member per year for the costs of health care treatment throughout Africa.  Members of Multimed choose one of four plans:- the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum plans.  Starting with the Bronze plan (which provides for costs of all hospitalisation, emergency services, advanced imaging and cancer treatment), each plan provides benefits across a progressively wider spectrum of health care services.

In every case Multimed provides financial protection by paying member medical bills in full up to what is both reasonable and customary in the territory of treatment.  The Multimed suite of plans provides members with cost effective international  health insurance solutions.

Members of Multimed plans have access to the very best health care available in the locality where they live as well as in South Africa.

Membership to Multimed plans is available to individuals and company groups as well as to other formally constituted groups such as clubs and societies.

Family membership to Multimed is particularly cost effective as membership contributions are not charged for the second, third and fourth child for children who are aged up to 17.

  • The same or similar cover as international medical insurers but without the expensive premiums.
  • More cover than local medical aid without worrying about exceeding your benefits, upfront payments, co-payments and shortfalls.
  • Peace of mind knowing that all eligible medical bills are paid in full, directly to service providers, up to what's “Reasonable & Customary”.
  • The freedom to choose where treatment takes place – locally or in South Africa An extremely user friendly claims process with almost ZERO paperwork.
  • FREE worldwide travel cover for accidents and emergencies.